Staging Your Home

Free staging for my clients
Teuta Guci Sales Representative iPro Realty Ltd, Brokerage 416-901-9470

Teuta Guci is an award-winning Realtor and professional stager with many years of experience. Teuta finds that many clients struggle with where to start when it comes to preparing their home for sale, and her property preparation service will not only point you in the right direction, but has a documented history of staged homes being sold for amounts that are greatly above asking price.

Benefits of Staging

Research shows that staged homes always sell for a higher price, and faster than unstaged homes. Staged homes appeal to a wider range of buyers. It is an integral part of your sales campaign in today’s competitive property market.
It is difficult for most home buyers to scale a room or even imagine how it might be used. Empty spaces look smaller than those that are furnished, and also they look sterile. It is difficult for anyone to fall in love with a ceiling and four walls.
These days, home buyers begin their evaluation process through listings on the internet, print media, and videos of properties. A perfectly staged, filmed, and photographed home will attract serious buyers and motivate them to submit premium offers.