How to Get the Best Price

Who sells the house? – Versus – Who brings the best price to the table?

Who sells the house? The hot market!

Rock-bottom interest rates, a scarcity of supply and growing demand from millennials and wealthy immigrants have fueled a strong start to the spring real estate season in Toronto. This is a great opportunity for savvy home sellers. If you have the right strategies, you can tap into these forces and maximize the sales price for your property.

Who brings the best price to the table?

  • The agent who has a great energy and passion for Real Estate
  • The agent who strives for excellence and is driven and talented
  • The agent who presents the house like a model house
  • The agent who understands that showcasing a house is a science that involves top tier presentation to make your house stand apart from competing homes, backed by state-of-the-art marketing reach (print, social media and industry networking with brokers and key agents)
  • The agent who knows how to target and attract millennials and wealthy immigrants specifically, but knows how to reach the entire spectrum of potential buyers
“But Every agent claims they do staging , but who does quality staging????? For the buyer, the first impression is very important. It is the key to drawing multiple offers and above asking prices, and keeping days on market down. Who is committed to work hard, bring a team and lead them? The house may not need simple painting, but it needs more that you may not see or think. An expert with a keen eye overlooks all details including the tiny details that buyers pay attention to, such as caulking of baseboards, sealing of windows, reglazing bathtubs, tightening loose door knobs, fixing leaky faucets, etc. You need to find the right professional to help you make the most of this HOT MARKET.
  • The agent who has a tenacious personality to deliver results beyond the market
  • The agent who has KNOWLEDGE and STRONG negotiation skills
  • The agent who is an actual staging professional, that makes all the difference!